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Game Rules

visual scripting

Focus on your game logic with visual flows and state machines. Create complex behaviour easily with code completion and robust development environment.

rule resolution

Make your rules reusable, specialize them to adapt the game logic to different objects of your game. Focus on your design instead of rewriting same code every time.

rule assembly

Assemble your rules to generate scripts automatically, using rule resolution, to have your game logic adapted to each object and character.

runtime tracer

Inside Unity, use GameRules Tracer to debug your state machines and flows step by step. No need to add debug statements, rule assembly does it for you.


Each rule instance is versioned. Rule resolution is taking care of ruleset versions. Maintain and create new features easily in your game. No need to bother with github or subversion.

hundreds of rules

GameRules comes with hundreds of rules, to accelerate your development. Reuse and customize them as you wish to achieve AAA game.

all-in-one feature

  • State Machine and Flows

    Visually create standard Monobehaviour flows and state machines.

  • Reusability

    Your rules are all reusable, with powerful rule resolution mechanism.

  • Code completion

    Customize complex logic directly with same code completion than MonoDevelop.

  • Hundreds of rules

    Accelerate your development with hundreds of rules ready to use.

  • Code generation

    Rule assembly automatically generates C# scripts. No obscure internal component.

  • Third party integration

    Natively integrate additional libraries from any other assets in your rules.

  • Versioning

    Create new versions of rules in a click. Maintain and release new features easily.

  • Debugging

    Use tracer to follow step by step logic and rules called.

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why using Game Rules

Why to choose us
  • Stop rewriting every time same pieces of C# code
  • Stop struggling with Playmaker, not everything is a state machine
  • Stop switching between Unity and MonoDevelop
  • Start to focus on your game logic, for any complexity
  • Start to make reusabled rules
  • Start to have maintainable and versioned game
  • Start to trace step by step your game objects

how it works

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standalone edition

  • $70 /per seat
  • All Features
  • Hundreds of rules
  • Embedded database
  • For standalone developer
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collaborative edition

  • Coming soon
  • All Features
  • Hundreds of rules
  • External database
    (mySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB)
  • For collaborative team
  • Coming soon


  • Coming soon
  • Coming soon
  • Integrate third parties
  • GoKit, iTween, iTouch
  • Coming soon


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